"I recently had the pleasure of working with Kathy Daukant Interior Design, a very talented design firm who undertook to do the design and architectural drawings for the renovation of the back room of my home in Riverdale. My goal, as outlined to Kathy Daukant, was to be able to live totally on the first floor of my home, in order to make it as “senior friendly” as possible for my retirement years.

Kathy Daukant has exceeded my expectations. Not only have they met my requirements by managing to replace what was once an under utilized and poorly constructed space into a fully functional new eating area and 3-piece bathroom, but they have created a new living space that feels roomy and bright, and also maximizes the view into my back yard, making it the focal point as soon as you enter the home.

Throughout the whole process, they were very easy to work with and responsive to my needs. Even though I live in an area where there are huge limitations to the type and extent of consttruction, they were able to design the new addition so that it met applicable code and by-laws and easily passed through the building code process. Now that the design is being implemented, they continue to be available to myself and to the contractor should any questions arise.

I definitely would recommend Kathy Daukant Interior Design to anyone considering any architectural changes to their home."

Pam W.